WITHCoin Mining System

WITHCoin e-wallet manual & Mining method

See 'Item 9' for details on how to mine WITHCoin[WTHC] using a PC wallet.


1. Wallet Backup and Restore

1) Back up your wallet

The reason you back up your wallet is to protect your valuable assets. This is a necessary operation.

If there is a problem with your existing wallet, you can restore it with your own backup wallet.

Menu > File > Wallet Backup Click

file backup

Specify the backup directory > Write down the file name (the user writes it down arbitrarily) > Click the Save button to back up

file backup

2) Restore backed up wallet

=> How to restore the previously backed up wallet when it is necessary to restore the wallet

A. Close the wallet (Menu: File > Click Exit)

B. Open Windows Explorer and move to C:\Users\PC login user name\AppData\Roaming\WithCoin folder location.

Rename the wallet.dat file (I renamed it wallet.dat_bak here)

file backup

After changing the backed up wallet_20210901.dat file to wallet.dat,

copy and paste it under C:\Users\PC login username\AppData\Roaming\WithCoin.

Changed wallet_20210901.dat that was previously backed up to wallet.dat and copied it

file backup

Paste the copied wallet.dat file under the C:\Users\PC login username\AppData\Roaming\WithCoin folder.

(The screen below is the screen copied and pasted from wallet.dat)

2. PC wallet password setting

Menu > Tools > Click Wallet Encryption

After setting the password, you can lock the wallet by clicking the ok button.

password setting

★Caution!!!★ Please read.

A. When setting a wallet password, never forget the password.

If you cannot open the wallet, no one can use the coins in the wallet and you will lose it.

B. If the wallet is encrypted, the previously backed up wallet.

dat file becomes useless. Be sure to back up your wallet after encryption.

3. Download transaction history

After clicking the transaction history at the top,

click Menu: File > Export to export all transaction details of your PC wallet to CSV.

This is a function that allows you to view the transaction history by opening the CSV file in Office Excel.

transaction history

The folder location is specified and the file name is randomly given by the user and saved. You can open it with excel.

4. Wallet check wallet restoration menu

By checking the integrity of your wallet.dat file,

it may not be possible to restore it by restoring it with that check, so be sure to back up your wallet.

restoration menu

5. Wallet Options Description

[ Main ]

Transaction fee payment can be set arbitrarily by the user for every transaction, but it is not recommended

Reservation Deposit If you place a reservation deposit during POS mining, the amount is not included in mining. Use is not recommended

□ Log in to the system and start Withcoin

□ Separate wallet.dat file when exiting (no need to set it separately)

Wallet Options

[ Network ]

When using UPnP, the bottom of the router is private, so it is set by the wallet daemon to act as a server when synchronizing blocks.

SOCKS are a method for proxy communication

and do not need to be set separately to go through when a specific port on the network is blocked.

Wallet Options

[ Window ]

Shows as tray icon instead of minimize when clicked on minimize

When the wallet X button is clicked, it becomes a tray icon

Wallet Options

[ Display ]

User interface language can be changed.

For the rest, it is recommended to use the default value.

Wallet Options

6. How to initialize a block

If the block synchronization of the PC wallet is not successful,

and an error message continues to appear during synchronization, you can initialize the block as follows to re-synchronize.

A. Close the wallet (Menu: File > Click Exit)

B. Open Windows Explorer to the folder where the wallet.dat file is located

and move it to the C:\Users\PC login username \AppData\Roaming\WithCoin folder location.

restoration menu

Delete all files except the wallet.dat file or cut them to another folder. You will see a screen like the one below

restoration menu

C. Execute the Withcoin PC wallet to start resynchronization.

There is a wallet.dat file, and the rest of the files are recreated based on the wallet file.

There may be a day or so of synchronization until the block is synchronized, during which you cannot send coins.

Coins are output normally only when the block is synchronized.

7. Send Coins

The screen below shows 'No. 1' This is the screen that appears when you click the Send button.

No. 2: Enter the other party's e-wallet address

No. 3: Because it is difficult to memorize the address,it can be arbitrarily written so that the user can understand it and can be distinguished by a label.
(Labels are not required – provided for convenience)

No. 4: Enter the transaction amount to be sent

No. 5: Click the Send button to send.

No. 6: You can send multiple coins at once with the Add Recipient button

No. 7: When sending multiple coins, you can delete the added recipients at once

No. 8: Used when you want to select from your own address book

No. 9: Used to copy addresses

No. 10: Recipients added when sending multiple coins can be deleted one by one

Send Coins

8. Get Coins

The screen below shows 'No. 1' This is the screen that appears when you click the Send button.

No. 2: Not recommended for use. If you check No. 2, the Home button is activated and you can delete your wallet address, so if you use it incorrectly, you can lose your valuable assets. If you are familiar with blockchain and do not use your wallet well, you are prohibited from using it.

No. 3: You can create and add your own wallet address.

No. 4: You can copy the address by clicking on the address in the list

No. 5: It is used for devices with a camera that can recognize the OR code by floating the OR code.

Get Coins

9. WITHCoin PC Electronic Wallet Mining Method

In the case of a PC wallet, POS mining is possible as long as there is a balance. To mine, do the following:

A. The WithCoin PC wallet must be turned on at all times.

B. When password is set in WithCoin PC wallet In this case, you can start mining by opening the top menu Tools > Open Wallet for POS.

C. If you have not set a password for your PC wallet, just turn on the PC wallet.

Mining Method

How to check if POS mining is working is as follows.

The icon at the bottom of the PC wallet is displayed like 'Mining icon' and if you hover over it, 'Network weight' is displayed. WITHCoin mining has started.

[ Notes on mining ]

+ The higher the wallet balance, the higher the stake, the fewer days you can mine, and the faster you mine.

+ In case of non-mining, the icon is displayed like 'Mining icon'

+ If you receive more money in your wallet for mining, if there is a new balance, the coin will be staked It takes about a day to mature to pass.

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